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Education System Administrative Review - Response from NSSBA President

OCTOBER 11, 2017 - Halifax, NS – On Wednesday, October 11, 2017 the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development released the terms of reference for their “Education System Administrative Review”, being carried out by Dr. Avis Glaze. The President and Executive Director, along with school board chairs and superintendents met with the Minister and Dr. Glaze to discuss the upcoming review and provide feedback on the terms of reference.

Below is a statement from Hank Middleton, President of the Nova Scotia School Boards Association.

“During the provincial election the Liberal party identified the review of school boards as a priority for them. At the Nova Scotia School Boards Association’s Annual General Meeting, the membership adopted a resolution addressing the proposed review. We acknowledge that it has been 20 years since the last review of school boards in Nova Scotia. We also recognize that the landscape is changing in our province as student enrollment declines, and needs increase. The NSSBA and school boards called for any review to be open, transparent, research-based, and carried out by an external professional.

We are pleased with the appointment of Dr. Glaze who has a strong background in education and research. Dr. Glaze and Minister Churchill have clearly indicated that they are committed to a transparent and collaborative approach that is focused on student learning and achievement. The NSSBA and school boards are committed to working collaboratively with government throughout the review process.

Governing school boards provide a local, democratic, non-partisan voice in education. School boards provide local administration and delivery of education to students, families and communities. Any review of these structures must be thorough, evidence-based, and implemented in a meaningful way. A review of this magnitude requires thoughtful planning and implementation.

The NSSBA has established a positive working relationship with the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, and we will work collaboratively with the department during the review process. Over the past year the NSSBA had been working on school board governance models and professional development for school board members, with endorsement from the previous Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development. We will continue this work serving governing school boards and school board members in Nova Scotia.”

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